Dusk On The Ocean

Love the clouds in this one... The Sky is Nature's canvas!

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A Calm Sea Sunset

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Check Out The Butterfly Plant

A Beautiful Day

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An Autumn Sunset

Happy Halloween From Sun Up Till Sun Down...

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Feeding Off The Rays

A Necessity...

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Sneaking Through The Clouds

Break On Through...

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Through The Trees

Black And White With A Little Color...

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Another great way to start everyday?

Another Beautiful Hawaiian Sunset

This Particular Shot Was Captured By J. B. Studly

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Something A Little Different

Black And Blue Sunrise

A Little Pink And Purple In This Sunrise Too...

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Basking In The Sunrise

Their paths crossed, but did they even notice each other?

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Morning Sun
Too much undone.

Sun Down...

A Perfect Blue Sky

Strange Orbs And Sun Rays In This Picture...

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Something From Nature's Wallpaper

A Hawaiian Sunset

I would imagine almost every sunset in Hawaii is just as perfect as this one...

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A Carnival Sunset

Courtesy Of The Balloon Festival...

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The Sun Also Rises

A Strange Place This Is....

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The Sun Reflects Upon A New Day

There Is Something Unexplained Here...

A Sunset To Remember

Taken At My Homestead A Couple Days Ago...

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Shine On You Crazy Diamond

This pic was taken in a swamp just yesterday... turned out great if I do say so myself!

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Early Sunrise... Winter Is Not Missed?

Sunset Through A Window

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Sunset Through The Dark Blue Clouds

A sunrise this good makes me not mind getting up.

It's all the other days that give me a problem?

A Sunny Spring Day

I just love this shot!

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A Canadian Sunset

Simply Beautiful...

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A Dreamy Sunset

Six Orbs In This Orange Sunset

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Something A Bit Different

In the morning sun it's cold sometimes.

Nothing Like A Early Sunrise

Would you like something the

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